How to Process for Franchise

The (FC) FRI-CHICKS Franchise Application Process & Policy:

The following provides a broad guideline to the key steps of the Franchise Application process.

  1. Fill out the (FC) FRI-CHICKS attached Franchise Application form

Submit your complete details in the online application form together with the required attachments.

Required attachments for the application form

  1. Applicant’s Photo (jpg, png, gif with Maximum size 2 MB)
  2. Personal Profile (doc, docx, pdf with Maximum size 2 MB)
  3. Company Profile (doc, docx, pdf with Maximum size 10 MB)
  1. (FC) FRI-CHICKS Survey Forms

Franchise form link will be provided via email to the applicant only upon satisfaction.

  1. (FC) FRI-CHICKS Market Survey
  2. (FC) FRI-CHICKS Site Survey
  3. (FC) FRI-CHICKS Raw material checklist

III. (FC) FRI-CHICKS Franchise Package by Franchiser

Franchise package that contains the topic below will be furnished to
the applicant upon the satisfactory review of the completed application.

  1. Franchise Territory
  2. Franchise Duration
  3. Franchise Investment
  4. Franchise fee
  5. Royalty Fee
  6. Marketing Fee
  7. Franchise Performance deposit
  8. Estimated Investment breakdown
  1. (FC) FRI-CHICKS HQ Visit by Franchisee
  1. A formal request will be sent by the prospective Franchisee to visit Fri Chicks headquarters in Lahore.
  2. Prospective Franchisee will be interviewed.
  3. Prospective Franchisee shall be required to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) during the visit.

Travel Cost, Visa Cost (if any) and Flight Tickets, Hotel Stay shall be borne by prospective Franchisee.

  1. Document of Submission by Franchisee during mee

Financial Declaration

(Required Certified True Copy)

  1. Most recent 1 year Income tax statement
  2. Most recent 6 months Personal bank statement
  3. Most recent 3 years companies audited accounts (if relevant)
  4. Personal current financial liability, declaration
  5. Most recent 1 year company bank statement (if relevant)

Kindly ensure all the applicable documents requested above are available during this visit.
Franchisee process will not proceed to the next stage level without proper documents.
All the documents will be reviewed in front of Franchise and all the necessary clarifications will be cleared at the same.
In Case, if the Franchise Application being rejected during the meeting documents provided will be returned to the applicant.

  1. Franchiser visits to proposed Franchisee Location
  1. Three key personnel from Fri-Chicks HQ will visit the proposed Franchisee’s location
  2. Key considerations during this visit will be marketed environment,
    staffing solutions, raw material sourcing and proposed outlet

Note: Franchiser Travel Cost, Visa Cost (if any) and Flight Tickets, Hotel Stay shall be borne by prospective Franchisee.

VII. Approval of Franchise Application/Location

  1. A formal Franchise approval letter will be released, with the indicated, approved location, within 48 hours of the visit.
  2. The Franchisee is required to submit the selected location, lease
    agreement and the floor plan within 14 days to proceed for the MOU.

VIII. MOU & Disclosure Document

The Memorandum of Understanding / Disclosure Agreement shall be
signed by both Franchiser and Franchisee as a first step towards the
signing of the Franchisee Agreement. The main activities include:

  1. MOU 30 days prior to the signing of the Franchise Agreement.
  2. 10% payment of the non-refundable Franchise Fee to be paid upon signing of the MOU.
  3. The franchiser shall furnish the prospective Franchisee with:
  4. List and cost of equipment and machinery required for the Franchisee outlet.
  5. Draft Franchise Agreement.
  1. Franchise Agreement & Financial Commitments
  1. The signing of the Franchise Agreement is stipulated within the timeline indicated in the MOU.
  2. The signing of the agreement will be at the Fri-Chicks Headquarters in Dubai.
  3. Franchise Fee – To be fully paid with the signing of the Agreement.
  4. Franchise performance deposit- To be fully paid with the signing of the Agreement.
  5. Initial outlet equipment purchase payment – To be cleared within 7 days of signing of the Agreement.

All payments are part and parcel of the validity of this Franchise agreement.
at his sole discretion can determine the validity of the agreement if
fee payment is not completed within the stipulated timeline.

Pre-Conditions for Franchisee Qualification

  1. An Owner / franchisee of an existing business that sells similar products will not be entertained.
  2. Existing companies or individuals interested must form a separate private company exclusively for Fri-Chicks.
  3. At least one stakeholder is required to be an active participant in the business activities of the franchise

Property requirements:

  1. Food Court – Min. 400 Sq.ft to 600 Sq.ft
  2. Standalone – Min. 1500 Sq.ft to 2000 Sq.ft

Changes To This Agreement

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace
these Terms and Conditions by posting the updated terms on the Site.
Your continued use of the Site after any such changes constitutes your
acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.

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