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Established in Pakistan in 2002, (FC) Fri-Chicks is a rapidly growing fast-food chain in the region. (FC) Fri-Chicks is specialized in serving the tastiest crumbed fried chicken using a secret recipe which includes a unique blend of the choicest herbs by spices. It is therefore of little wonder, that (FC) Fri-Chicks is synonym to words such as "Real Recipe, Real Taste, Real Fried Chicken. (FC) Fri-Chicks began its journey with a simple yet determined dream to create a brand that brings happiness, satisfaction and smiles to our valued customers.

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Over the years, it has successfully realized this dream by making (FC) Fri-Chicks a favorite destination for real and tasty fried chicken. Stringent quality standards are followed to provide our products with high standards of quality, service and cleanliness.

Fri-Chicks is going to open 50 new outlets in different cities of Pakistan, Fri-Chicks has maintained its title, for the last 16 years, of being the chicken Experts. Fri-Chicks wore the title of being the market leader in its industry Serving delicious d hygienic food in a relaxing environment mode Fri-Chicks everyone's favorite. Now Fri-Chicks going to introduce its new food products and opening new restaurants for their customers.

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(FC) Fri-Chicksprovide highest quality of foodandservices with secret recipes from Mom's Kitchen.

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional recreational experience that satisfies our guests' taste buds and to achieve distinction and reputation by serving quality products, excellent service, amusing atmosphere to all sections of society. We are aiming to reach every single city of the country, gaining first class reputation and setting standards as a most caring fast food and family restaurant brand in the country.

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I have been working in the food business since 2002. It's been a long journey as I, being a middle class individual and a conscious food lover, came across many ups and downs during this whole time but endless efforts and motivation of my whole team helped me in reaching this for to establish and recognize Pakistan's biggest fast food local chain.

So what makes a difference is the way one perceives food and consumes it. Delicious and healthy food, served with delicacy and standards is the best worldly gift,I would like to expect from every one.We pay equal attention to the youth, families and business community. We are also looking into diversifying as a socially corporate responsible food brand of Pakistan. Your constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcomed like recipes selling as hot cakes.

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